3-2-1 GO!!!

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I am an exercise fanatic and try to do some sort of exercise most days. Getting oxygen into your body and your heart pumping will not only help keep you healthy on the inside but BEAUTIFUL on the outside – a healthy body, radiant skin, glossy hair, strong bones, teeth and nails.

 It is super important to make smart food choices for energy and brainpower…. have a snack before you start your homework,  eat breakfast even if its grabbing an apple on the way out of the door…. you must kick start your energy with the right fuel and regular exercise.

You don’t have to join a gym or spend a lot of money on equipment to exercise…. join a running or swimming club if you dont want to be on your own…. jump rope in your garden, ride your bike or go for a jog….the key is to ENJOY exercising so you are consistent.  Find your ‘thing’ and go-for-it…


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