8 rules you HAVE to break!!!

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There are some ‘rules’ in life that you can ignore…..whoever declared them the ‘law’ was wrong!!

here are my TOP EIGHT favourite rules to BREAK!!!….

1.   You must wear a belt if your shirt is tucked in.  Belts are a fab accessory that can make an outfit but there are times when its just a bit too much ‘stuff’ ….

2.   Shorts should only be worn in summer.  Go ahead wear your shorts all year round … choose different textures like leather or tweed…..layer them over tights add biker boots and a chunky sweater.

3.   When wearing a dress or skirt at a formal event you must wear tights or pantyhose…… all I can say is shave and moisturise your legs and off you go!

4.    Never wear gold and silver jewelery together….  quite the opposite,  I think gold and silver looks best mixed together… don’t get to matchy matchy.

5.     Tall women shouldn’t wear heels…  No way!! I am 5’10 and I love heels…. just so we won’t intimidate men by being taller than them?  Go for as high as you dare!!

6.    Legs or cleavage??…. Go for both…. wake up your self- confidence, just remember to keep it ‘pretty’ not vulgar!

7.    Don’t mix prints… rock your zebra leggings with your florals and polka dots …. have no fear to show the animal in you.

8.     Sparkle is just for the evening… no way!!.. how about sparkly shorts with a denim shirt, sequined t-shirt and leather leggings – daytime…. yep!!


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