Food for FABULOUS hair!

Teenage Girl Holding a Red Apple on Green Background iStock_000029127844XSmall Young pretty woman blowing her fringe up iStock_000025381346XSmallI think you guys know that it is not only what you put ON your hair that counts its what you put IN your body too!!   A balanced diet is very important to the structure and strength of your hair…. it might not be as noticeable if your food choices are not so clever as say, your skin….. it doesn’t take more than 3 or 4 days to see an annoying pimple showing its ugly head!!! ….. your hair takes a few months to show diet deficiencies or crazy crash diets.

Food for bouncy, beautiful hair.

Salmon – full of protein and vitamin D (both very important for healthy hair) also omega-3 fatty acids which are THE best reason to eat salmon. your body dosen’t make these fatty acids and they are needed by your body to grow hair… also for your scalp to remain hydrated and healthy. other choices of omega-3 foods are avocado, sardines and pumpkin seeds.

Walnuts – are the only nuts with omega-3 fatty acid, they are also rich in biotin (not enough biotin and you lose your hair) plus vitamin E which helps protect the cells from DNA damage.

Oysters – not sure if you guys like these little critters (I LOVE them) but they are full of zinc…. not enough zinc leads to hair loss and even your eyelashes start flaking.  Fortified cereals, whole grain bread, nuts, beef and eggs are other ways to add zinc to your diet.  Remember that oysters are also a good source of protein (your hair is 97% protein).

Sweet potatoes – a great source of the antioxidant beta carotene which our body turns into vitamin A.  Every cell of your body relies on getting enough vitamin A…..  if your scalp feels itchy and you have annoying dandruff you might be low in beta carotene-Vitamin A….. other choices are carrots, cantaloupe, mangoes, pumpkin and apricots (all the orange stuff!).

Eggs – one of my favourite SUPERFOODS!! – a great source of protein plus zinc, selenium, sulphur and iron.  Iron is very important as it carries oxygen to the hair follicles….. other proteins are chicken, fish, pork and beef.

Spinach – loaded with iron, beta carotene and vitamin C. … keeps the hair follicle and scalp healthy.

Greek yoghurt – here is a hair-friendly dairy product full of protein, vitamin D and vitamin B5 – all fighting to keeping the hair healthy –  other choices are cottage cheese, low fat cheese and skim milk

 Blueberries – this is your SUPERFRUIT!! nothing tops blueberries for vitamin C…. very important for the health and circulation of the scalp … to little vitamin C leads to your hair breaking….. other choices could be kiwis, tomatoes and strawberries.

There you have it….some TeenLifeStudio tips from the top!!     One last thing…..

Redheads have the thickest hair (each individual hair is thick) ….Blondes have the thinnest but the greatest number of hairs.

You can use a leave-in conditioner, mousse or serum at the root of your hair to ‘plump up the volume’.  Flip your hair upside down and dry the root area first and BAM!!! lush, bouncy hair!!.


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