Glitter Party Peepers !!

Its party season!! yahoo…. end of school term and countdown to Xmas celebrations – its time to bring a bit of sparkle and glitter approved make-up into your life….. but how, where and how much without looking tinsel-tacky and like you have just wrestled with the fairy from the top of the Xmas tree!!

Here are your guidelines …

1.   Keep it simple.

2.   Choose just one feature on your face to highlight by adding glitter make-up.

3.   A little sprinkle across your cleavage and shoulders dosen’t count (thats a little extra sparkle)

Here are my favourite go-to-glitter places and the products and techniques to apply…..


This is the most obvious and easiest place to add sparkle.  Rest a piece of tissue under your eye to catch any loose glitter that might fall on to your cheek, add an eyelid primer or even a dab of vaseline to anchor the glitter.  I like to apply the sparkle either on the middle of the eyelid OR the inner corner (tear duct) and just under the outside corner of the eyebrow.


This is a very cool way to add sparkle and you have more control with the glitter quantity (no fear of wearing it down your cheeks).

Glittery eyeliner in liquid or chubby soft pencils are the best, they last longer and are mistake proof.  Draw a glittery line with your liquid eyeliner along your top lashes – its party time so use colour – silver, purple, gold etc. If you use a soft glitter pencil you can outline your eye all the way round with a thin line and smudge it !!

Lip Gloss

 This is a no-brainer….sparkly, glitzy lips say party girl ready to go-go. Make sure your lips are not cracked by starting with a bit of lip balm then choose your fave colour, apply, pop it in your bag (or bra) for re-application and party time!!.  One little extra tip….. do like the models and drink your party punch through a straw to safeguard your glittery pout.


A dab or brush of highlighter on the top of your cheekbones or just under your eyebrow really brings mega wattage and glow to your face.  I use a powder compact or glitter balm – both are easy to find.


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