Nude luscious lips?

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How to fake that full pout?

I love pale pink, almost invisible lips with dark smokey  eye make-up…. nothing new there its been popular for decades!!

Quickie steps to success…

1.  Cover your lips with concealer and then powder so you can’t see any natural lip colour or the outline…this way you have a colourless canvas.

2.  You can choose to outline your lips with a dusty pink pencil now or at the end…you draw lightly on the outside edge of your natural lip line….this makes them appear larger than they are.

3.  Fill in your lips with a pale pink/beige lipstick (you can use a lip brush to create a clean line)

4.   Blot your lipstick with a tissue and then add a very pale pink or clear lipgloss in the centre of both your top and lower lip…..this will catch the light and highlight just the front edge of your mouth so making your lips look fuller.


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