Strong body basics!!

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NOW is a good time to start building a strong body!!

Some of the most basic exercises are the simplest and most effective.

Start with the following 4 exercises and you can’t go wrong and your ‘bits’ will become tight and toned…

The Squat  This exercise is going to be your best friend – it is an effective and dynamic move.  It targets your bottom (bootay) and legs (thighs, hamstrings and calves)  also your lower back and tummy to stabilise.  It is very important to stick your bottom backwards (as if you were going to sit down on a low chair) and bend your knees to go as low as you can go keeping your knees directly above your toes (no knees swinging out in front of your feet!!!!).

Start with 15-20 reps.  Advanced move – hold dumbells on your shoulders as you squat down OR squat down and then jump up as high as you can and land with bent knees to go straight into your next squat.

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The Lunge –  here is another very effective exercise for your lower body – it strengthens and tones your butt and thighs in a BIG way!! Take a large stride forward and lower your body by bending your front leg to 90° and a slight bend in your back leg, keep your chest high.  Important that you keep your front knee directly above your toes and don’t let your back leg touch the floor.  15-20 reps on each leg.  Advanced move – hold dumbbells on your shoulders as you lunge forward OR no dumbells and lunge forward,  jump up and change legs landing with bent knees to go straight into your next lunge.

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The Plank –  this is a killer TOTAL BODY strength move that targets your core (tummy, lower back)… + your legs and upper body!!

Lie on your tummy, raise yourself onto your elbows so your upper body is off the floor.  Resting on your elbows lift your tummy of the floor and create a horizontal line to the floor with your body.  Important – don’t let your tummy sink downwards, your spine should be parallel to the floor and your tummy pulling up to the ceiling. Start with 30 seconds and work up to 1 minute as you get stronger.

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The Bicep Curl – this is a basic strength training move…. it is super great to have toned and shapely arms!!!

Stand with feet hip distance apart…. take a dumbell in each hand (start with 3kg)…. bend your knees slightly….back straight….keep your elbows tight into your waist. 10-12 reps.  Increase the weight as you get stronger.  Important – if you find yourself wobbling forward either put your back up against the wall or use a lighter weight.

Advanced move – combine the bicep curl with the squat or the lunge!! a double whammy! – as you bend your knees in the squat or lunge you do your bicep curl at the same time.

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