Meet Heidi

heidi-fossaliHeidi studied beauty, make-up and hair design for 3 years in the USA and in England. Following this Heidi backpacked around the world for 1 year. Whilst in Sydney, Australia, she worked for 3 months for the FIA (Fashion Industry of Australia) organising the Annual Designer Awards évent. As Personal Assistant to the Director (think – Devil Wears Prada !!) – she learnt MANY life skills alongside organization and presentation guidelines and tips.

On her return to England she enrolled at a fashion college in London followed by 2 years working for designer couture collections and 1 year representing a young sportswear company….lots of ‘hands on’ knowledge relating to personal style, expression, body image and form.

Soon after she moved to Los Angeles, California – the ‘fitness capital of the world’. What began in childhood as a love of sport and in adulthood exercise and fitness, soon evolved into studying and receiving her certification (ACE – American Council on Exercise) as a personal trainer and thereafter a successful business in Malibu……all excellent, valuable and relevant knowledge on exercise, deportment and healthy nutrition on a DAILY basis !!

Heidi’s 2 daughters were born in Los Angeles and 9 years ago she decided to move back to Europe to be closer to her family in England….having been spoilt by living in a sunny climate England was not her first choice….. but …the French Riviera !!

Four years ago she started her own company as a ‘Lifestyle Beauty Coach’ and BELLISSIMA was born. Alongside teaching and advising ladies on their beauty lifestyle techniques, she began Teen Development and Grooming Workshops for the international young girls on the Cote d’Azur.’.

Now her daughters are 14yrs and 16yrs old and all Heidi’s knowledge, skills, passion and experience has led her to create TLS – TeenLifeStudio.

Heidi’s desire to create TLS began when she found herself surrounded by teen girls, friends with her daughters, all asking questions and wanting guidance (but they didn’t want to hear it from their Mum ) PLUS parents asking her to ‘talk’ and ‘advise’ THEIR teens on manners, deportment, relevant dress codes, make-up, etiquette etc….

“Beauty might seem skin deep but it is directly related to the way teenagers feel about themselves”

What Heidi truly believes is that the source to finding ones full potential is knowledge, life skills, validation and self-confidence….. teens must learn to love themselves then the world will love them back !!


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